Introduction and History

Mhmdnur wazir
 Shaykh the Great Maulana Noor Mohammad Shaheed the pupil of Mulana Mufti Mehmmood shb. If the country's religious circles noted in South Waziristan killed Shaykh ualtfsyrhzrt mulananurmhmd name is emerging, who were the religious service, and the prophetic courage ubsalt uby rest of the religious circles and I was able to create a place odds ngsl be another passing sorrows of the whole region to be recognized as a national leader and became known sykalhdys and altfsyrhzrt mulananurmhmd martyr who is the headquarters of South Waziristan's main mosque was the greatest orator of the Darul Uloom. This is the Darul jubhtu regime bulldozers to demolish the Wana bazaar was badbnd. Maulana Noor Mohammad were imprisoned.
Mulananurmhmd altfsyrhzrt sykalhdys and killed in 1936 byzan Khel village near Bannu, a leading academic in the family were born and rruhany. This is your lineage. Maulvi Mohammad Ibn Mohammad Ibn cleric Maulvi Noor Ahmad Noor sight of the Ahmadzai Wazir tribe you belonged to. N wh several generations in your theological and spiritual purification and training series is coming to you late father Maulana Mohammad 53 in the hot area of ??Bannu migrated and settled in South Waziristan skeptic srdmqam The people living in this area and offer you the stay brought byzan Khel.
Altfsyrhzrt mulananurmhmd Shaykh and martyr's early education was in his home and father to avail of the madrasa Qasim ul-Uloom Multan in 1951 enrolled in the same year scholar Maulana Mufti Mehmood-ul-Uloom in Karachi came as President lecturers. Qasim Uloom seminary to study for five years with the Mufti Mahmood Khan set Dera pious political campaign for the 2 month stretch. Bannu and Kohat on your enthusiasm for seats tqar er people had created a new momentum. Mufti staying trainees to strengthen their mental abilities Acting. He repeated the prophecy of the 53 simple, Ahmadiyya Muslims in the country fell to the activities and ambitions of Islam attracted the Shaykh and martyr altfsyrhzrt mulananurmhmd Waziristan uahmyt the people need to be aware of this movement qad yanyun of active labor and exposed the deception ufryb the nation awakened against them. You had strong qualifications are significant gains each year. Umuaqa won several prizes on the tour narration and exams are also excels on the fellows. Lazt Allah gave you the strength of the memory of the key lessons once during the Muslim Mufti Mahmood Sultan Abu al-upon recalling a memory of the world that had its own RSS Mother's milk to drink or the thatu Maulana Noor Mohammad Sahib said that four or even his own mother's milk not only taste but also is remembered.
Tastes speaking:
In 1955 he completed and certified tour rich in Multan graduated law Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari shrine umjls the shad were working. I bring about your devotion to the king of the king's illness of the opportunities that life kaatyh often possible to anyone, I'd donate the rest of your life Quote rich love and devotion of the law Speeches and style as well as their words had the opportunity to benefit from the outcome of the South Waziristan killed Shaykh ualtfsyrhzrt mulananurmhmd count as an orator was
successful and magic.
Medicine and wisdom: After receiving the certificate provided gt buhr your doctor gave ministers Din Gate in the city a year spent experiencing the daily problems of medicine and wisdom Wu aqfyt purpose of obtaining information that the employment of Permanent arrangements selfless efforts to serve the religion.
Wana's speeches:
61956 in Wana in South Waziristan his father's support teaching and speaking duties deployed outside it was an era when all the tribes, the tribe ignorance and backwardness delivered more than was known a significant tadadkanh nomadic and animal husbandry live with and I was not familiar with the interpretation of the fundamental pillars of Islam and innovation III, ignorance uasbyt, civil war and rule by the Oudh dance stuff and he suffered all those who ftnu in your sermons against rahruy which was as much class opponent, but you were the enemy. But you've come up with determination and persistence on the left and put the palm ignore the obstacles and opposition are committed to our mission and the end of opposition, and a cloud slowly moves away when the area of ??the The enormous devotion and spirit of obedience to the king, the crown of South Waziristan lgatha.
Mosque construction:
1961 Construction of the mosque began in Wana South Waziristan that great and fair as the center of people's tujhat.are achieved with a speech on the visit of the prevailing sciences Hadith memorization and recitation of the Quran as well taught, and after midday (f. A), including the regular school curriculum is taught computer classes and school of albnat The Department has also been established for the education of the religious and contemporary education as a separate cover (7) teachers have been doing in the area of ??girls currently living in darlaqamh 150 girls have been arranged. The increase in the program will be given special importance. The sector made a total loan of about (450) and next the number could rise substantially. Then 35, of teachers teaching in Darul are serving the students accommodation and other expenses, food, medical treatment and other needs the support of the DM and the permanent income without spending a virtue Muslim charitable donations are fulfilled.
Correctional Services:
Altfsyrmulana Noor Mohammad Shaheed Shaykh and innovations in the area of ??customs and the dance, drugs and other moral crimes bold quest to prevent the people from taking advantage of their rights as far as they establish Sharia law qza?ka The scholars made the decision according to the law that conflicts do.
Bhutto met:
Former Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and cumin mynsyk South Waziristan killed Abu Noor Muhammad and altfsyrmulana Given the popularity and influence to bring your own net an ER Barroso met in Waziristan. Prime mnstrha the second time in Rawalpindi żI invited him to join the party and has a variety of offerings but avoided him.
Revenge of the hit:
In this simulation, the area of ??influence and popularity then let the various detention without reducing the use of Masud tribe and the tribe's traditional opposition rivalry were both conspiring to incite hatred between tribes haya outrageous extent that the armed conflict reached far and gml Road sensitive stem zah reached the end. Altfsyrmulana Noor Muhammad Shaykh and martyr in the air June 75 on the pretext of talks called off base in Wana, and three years for the fta Dera Ismail Khan was jailed tribe people of the region and the situation on knowing chau surrounded by water within 12 hours of their release was released in which the ultimate mtym. But the vindictive government took revenge for the defeat of the militia and other government forces shelled the Wana bazaar was aided by the tanks and army bulldozers burned out houses were leveled with the ground . Altfsyrmulana Noor Muhammad Shaykh and martyr attackers looted the house equipment, motor car seized, houses razed by bulldozers, demolished a large part of the Darul Uloom's Darul Uloom students and the looted goods were sealed , mosque taken over by the army on the front of the head bflk mynaurn and put a curfew in the area. Maulana Noor Mohammad and his brother arrested ten students. He won the jirga The ten-year sentence, his brother Lal Mohammad Hafiz was sentenced to five years in prison. While their colleagues Prince Ghazi Mohammad Sardar Ghulam Rasool and 4 years, sadaall? Khan, Taj Mohammad Sirajuddin and two (2) years in prison, was sentenced this time it's not all PA Mr. Maulana Noor Mohammad Abdullah Showing family, including women and children were expelled from the area even in Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan police continued raids at their places of residence, and Maulana Noor Mohammad Taj Mohammad's elder son, arrested and jailed.
Martial law ?hkumt:
After the collapse of the Bhutto government was expected that the people of the region Marshall la?hkumt would compensate for his atrocities, but it was not clear Al-Hadith and altfsyrmulana Shaheed Noor Muhammad was finishing his sentence according to law after their release and Darul where the mosque was delivered with dignity and splendor of the religious and academic services were continuing altfsyrmulana Shaykh and the vanity of Shaheed Noor Mohammad Mullah Niaz Mohammad, the brother of one of his government fugitive convicted and forced to take refuge in the mountains. Police raided several times but failed to arrest them I Wana He also continued to release certainly continue and the cases against them withdrawn. Ualam are suffering today released a cloud in the air like all conspiracies wire Ankabut Maulana Noor Mohammad and his family have been shattered, but the dignity of the people of the region are busy and on the religious and national guidance yet again Iraq has revealed the truth to the world. If truth be blessed with determination uastqamt no power on earth can not defeat him and overwhelm the truth remains, however. In 1997, the tribal people got the vote Ahmedzai Wazir tribe of South Waziristan Agency, you were the first person belonging to a national assembly seat was won by a landslide.
Your books:
 . "Studies alanyba?aur Invincible Universe" is the subject of a new research effort and not the creation of modern sciences in the light of the teachings of Islam for Muslims to utilize new perspectives have been determined.  . "Ayzah almqal verse per Rs alhlal" It also requires keeping your circumstances theological perspective, which is a terrific book of Ramadan and the Eid moon sighting, taking evidence and the legal powers to order about discussed. . "Afghan Jihad" Mawlana Shaykh ualtfsyr nurmhmdshyd South Waziristan's main mosque and religious school Darul serving in Afghanistan as well as a major contributor to the fight for freedom and helpful as were too busy fighting practices as aurrus Despite the great force against helpless to continue jihad and support the main donor to the Afghan Mujahideen were not only active, but it's always important religious duty to pay Waziristan and Pakistan's other religious and public circles were also invited. The "Afghan Jihad" is indicative of their Sadiqa same passion.  "The forthcoming new msaylky theological research" This book will answer them ansa?aall? terms of research. The problems facing modern business practices and solutions in the light of concrete evidence has been tried. For every scholar Mufti ansa?aall? it will prove a valuable gift.
. "Islamic Jihad Islam" Maulana Noor Mohammad Shaheed Shaykh ualtfsyr Aliyah's new compilation "Islamic revolution and Islamic Jihad" even if the style is different from the previous edition, the theme and the context is an important link in the chain . If you know the importance of the book of the same name can be seen, but after reading it aysamhsu that the Prophet of Allah Jihad have lived my whole life. Contemporary Muslims in general and mujahedeen in particular challenges for the designation Brahvi ansa?aall?! This book lighthouse and achieve the goal of revolution would be diminished. Finally we pray that Allah Almighty unto the Lord glory Maulana Noor Mohammad jlylh acceptance of services with the same passion with a great view and their religious and national services continue to psmangan success will oblige.>