QUAID JAMIAT MULLANA FAZU-UL-REHMAN SAHIB was born on August 21 ,in 1953(21-8-1953) on friday at Abdul kheel in Dikhan.His grand father name was Khalifa Muhammad Sadiq,a great schoalar and pious man.He had three sons: Mullana Mufti Mahmood,Ahmad and Muhammad.Ahmad was died at very young Age, Mullana Mufti Mehmood did his marriage in1946.He had five(5) sons Mullana Fazul -Rehman ,Mullana Atta-ur-Rehman Mullana Lutfu-ur-Rehman,Mullana Ziau-ur-Rehman,Mullana Ubaid-ur-Rehman. Mufti shb was died  on 14 October1980. He was buried in Abdul Khel, Paniala, his home town. A that time Mullana was young of 27 years and Mullana Atta -ur-Rehman was 18 years Mullana Latfu-re-Rehman was 15 years,Mullan Zia -ur-Rehman was 6 years and Mullana Ubaid-ur-rehman was only six (6) months.

Mullana Sahib got his primary education at Abdul khel,GPS Abdul-Khel and he recited Quran Sharif  and other islamic books from his uncle Khalifa Muhammad: at that time he was  a student of class two. After passing six class in 1965, he was admitted in Millat High School in Multan:frome where he did SSC in 1970 , from the board of Punjab. At that time he was getting Islamic education from Madrassa Qasmal-Uloom in Multan.Mullana sahib was very genious : he always stood first in class .He also won the prize of Hussain Qarat ,on many occassions he got the prizes of good conduct.

     After passing matriculation , he took admission at basti Khalil Abad , shaden land district DG KHAN.He remembered Ajaz Sharif in four months, this short period shows  that he was an intelligent student. Latter  he took admission at Chah Dada Walla in Multan: and  he studied there for one year.He performed his first Hajj in 1972 by voyage, while his father (Mufti Mehmood) performed Hajj by Air.

    After performing Hajj : he took admission in Akora Khattak  (Haqania) . Basically he was very impressed from Mullana Muhammad Ali Sahib ,therefore, Mullana Fazul -ur -Rehman shb took admission in Haqannia in1972. He wanted to get Islamic education from Mullana Muhammad Ali Sahib. Mufti Sahib was agree of his admission in Akora Khattak. But his father Mufti Mehmood Sahib send a letter to his son , the letter was given to Mullana Abdul Akbari Sahib . In this letter he wrote three(3) suggestion to Mullan Fazul-ur-Rehman:

1 You must stay with Mullana Abdul Akbari sahib in his own room.

2 you must get education from Mullana Muhammad Ali Sahib.

3 you must not get education from Mullana Sami-ul-Haq Sabib , this year as well as the next year.


When Mufti Mahmood (R) was coming to(Akkora Khattak) Haqania: he himself asserted on Mullana Sami -ul-Haq:Do not teach to my son.In 1979 he got the degree of Sha hada-tu-ALamia.He was very obedient to his teachers .When he completed the last degree from Akora Khattak ; he was coming regularly to his teachers,especially to Mullana Muhammad Ali sahib and Mullana Abdul Haqq sahib.As it was the custome and tradation of the whole Islamic Maddaress that cermony of Dastar Bandi was arranged: so,the same was in Akkora Khattak.Alot of Ulla Maa and religious scholars were coming to that honourable cermony of Fuzallah.Mullana Syed Atta-ullah Shah Bukhari was great orator at that time.Many people were coming to listen his inspired speech.But that time it was impossible to arrange such a large programme in stated Madrassa.That year they adopted new formulla.They were bined up the turbon(DASTAR BANDI) during taking certificates from Madrsassa.Mullana Qari Abd ullah sahib(EX-Senator) said that when he was teaching in Akorra Khattak," Mullana Fazul-Rehman was coming to Mullana Abdul Haqq sahib to his house.One day i was with him: when Mullana Fazul-Re-hman sahib asked Mullana Abdul Haqq sahib that he recived Certificates of his last degree; however, he did not bind up the Turbon from all the respected teachers.Mullana Abdul Haqq sahib turn down his turbon and keep on the head of Mullana Fazul-Rehman sahib and said" i did your Dastar Bandi on my own turbon ,so,he got this reverend.Mullana Fzul-Rehman sahib over the desire of his father he started teaching in Multan. He had giving teaching since 1979 at Qeasml-ul-Om in Multan till 1985. Rehman was accepted at the University of Peshawar where he studied Islamic studies, earning B.A. degree in Islamic studies in 1983.[3] Rehman went to Cairo, Egypt, after being accepted at the Al-Azhar University.[4] Unlike many of his colleagues who have only received degrees from madrassas, Rehman is a "refined product" of Al-Azhar University and studied and researched in religious Theology there, under reputed religious and divinity research scholars.[4] In 1987, Rehman completed and published his master's thesis on political aspects of Islam and was awarded M.A in Religious studies from the Al-Azhar University.[5] Upon returning to Pakistan, he participated in 1988 general elections for state parliament.[5]


IN 1969 when Ayub khan hand over the governement to Yah yah khan, he baneed on all political parties.In 1970 general election were held in the whole country.JUI contested with full zeal and energy.Mufti Mahmood contested the election from However, Mufti sahib won with 13000 lead.This was very intersting contest.Mullana Fazul-ul-Rehman was side by side during election compaighn with Mufti Mahmood sahib.The people were giving suggestion to Mufti sahib that Mullana Faz-ul-rehman should take part in politics.So, he agreed and gave permission to Mullana Faz-ul-Rehman. In 1977 he selected JTI president in Peshawer.After the death of Mufti Sahib, Mullana Abullah Darkhwasti has selected him the member of AMOMI.He has selected JUI Amir in 1985 till yet.


IN 1977 he was selected JTI president in Peshawer.From that tick of time he seriously took part in politices.He was arrested many times,but he did not loose his temper and struggle.He faced all the hardships with smiling face.During martialaw he was sent to Jail many times.He was delivering his speech to his party memebers that any kind of hardships and hardels would not remove him from his chosen path.Politics of positive quality was his desire and ambition in life.He said " on many ocassion that he would full fill the dreame of Mufti Sahib in practical life " so: he did the same.


Mullana Fazul-Rehman contested many elections,however,he won many seats .In 1988 he became Member of mational Assembly from DIKHAN: This was his first success in the Eleection:however, the process of his positive and result orianted politics was started.After returning to Pakistan, Rehman participated in 1988 general elections on a platform religious platform from a JUI(F) ticket. It was during this time period, Rehman built relations with Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and got acquainted with Prime Minister Benazir after she ordered an armed action in Jalalabad of Communist Afghanistan.Mulan fazul-ur- Rehman is a fundamentalist with a difference, known for his proximity to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and had been under her political science circles as early as 1989. Although, a fundamentalism, he remained in the camp of the political alliances and parties led by Benazir Bhutto that were opposed to conservative leader, Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Muslim League. Only did he contest the election in alliance with the PML, in 1990 general elections, and then too he lost.In 1993 he onece again won the seatof NA 24 DIKHAN with margian.He also selected Chairman of standing committe for forighn affiers.During this time he played very positive role"he visited many countries.In 2002 he won two seats at a time of NA/24 AND NA/25 Dikan and Tank with very high margion.At that time MMA was organised,due,to which in KPK MMA was the ruling party.Akram Khan Durrani was the CM.In parliament he was selected Opposion Leader.He played very positive role.He destained Pervez Musharf from unislamic laws.During this time his rule and effort was appreciated.In 2008 general election he succeeeded from NA/26 Bannu with very high margion,however,he failed from DIKAHN.After some time the people of DIKHAN were regreted over this action;Because Faisla Kareem Khan Kundi did not work for the people of Dikhan.So,in general election in May 2013 Mullana Fazul-Rehman won(3)SEATS NA\24,NA\25\NA\27 Tank,Dikhan and Luckey Marwat respectively.With the lead of 22000,26000,and 29000 respectively.Still he is on NA\25 DIKHAN,However,he (JUI) lost the remaining two seats in by Election.


Mullana Faz-ul-Rehman did his marriage in 1980,with the daughter of Hajji Faizu llah khan, very respected family of Marwat Tribe.Mufti Mahmood Sahib,on wedding cermony went to peshawer for bride.Hajji Faizu llah khan was a retired Subaddar Major.Latter he was appointed store officer in gvernement Transport Scheme.He was living in Peshawer,he was died in 2010.Now he has three sons.Mullana Fazul-Re-hman has three(3) sons and three(3) daughters.Mullana Asad Mahmood is his fierst son.He has done BA,well educated and polite person.He had taught at Khirul-Maddrass in (MULTAN) for some time.Now he is in politicas.He contestedhis first election in 2013 NA\24 Tank;however, he could not succeed,he got almost 68000 votes while Dawar Khan Kundi got only 72000 vots.His second son is Anas Mahmood still studying in Multan.His third son is Asjad Mahmood sahib, he is offiz Quran.

Official visit to India

In 2003, mulna fazu-ul-Rehman made an intriguing and significant state visit to India after the 2002 general elections. At that time, he was the leader of the MMA, a massive alliance of far-right parties opposing President Pervez Musharraf. A perception of supporting Taliban in Afghanistan about Rehman was already well known and well established in New Delhi, India. In an attempt to normalize foreign relations between two countries, Mullana made many public statements and declarations regarding the issue of Jammu Kashmir Indian Prime Minister Atal Vaypayee met him in his official residence, and officiated a state dinner for him. Addressing the Indian media,Mulana fzul-ur- Rehman termed Kashmir as "territorial problem" rather than "religious issue". In New Delhi, he also held a secret meeting with leadership of RSS, telling the RSS leadership that the trade and economic should be used to build confidence between two countries. Before being departure from India, Mullana condemned the Kashmiri militants for laying terrorist attacks against the civilians and state machinery. Observers viewed his visit to India sd most diplomatic in his statements and proved that Pakistan's elite politicians, even if they are in the opposition, could conduct themselves as worthy unofficial representatives of the country. Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman
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