Mullana miraju-ud-deen shaeed ex-MNA swa Mullana Miraju-ud –Din shaheed was borne almost fifty years ago at Shankandai Mailla in South Waziristan Agency.His grand father name was Mulvi Syed Fazal-deen , he was martyred in Kashmir.His father name was Siraju-ud-Din,he had two sons ;Riazu-ud-Din and Mullana Miraju-ud-Din.The former was martyred in Afghanistan and the latter was assassinated. Miraju-ud-Din had six sons. He received his early education and matriculation in a local Maktab.For higher education he took admission at Khirul-Madaris in Multan ,from where he completed Islamic Education and became Mullana.
He was a tall, dignified a broad fore head, dark brown eyes, fair complexion, sharp features, neat and clean in habits; great orator ,kind, wise and cheerful disposition. He had a versatile nature and composition,so;he was the name of a perfect man.
From 1988 he joined; Madrassa Muhmudia in South Waziristan Agency.He taught there for thirteen (13)years. He was a great scholar, from far off areas students were coming to get education from such a great scholar. He was up to the mark in teaching :especially in Faqa and Darssai Quran.He was very kind, close and sincere to students ;Therefore, the students gave the name of Ustazu-ul-Tulaba. He was very fluent in Urdu and Arabic.So,in short time he became very famous.
In 2002 he took part in politics; before that he was a member of JUI.He brought the Ulama,Maliks,and common men of waziristan on the platform of JUI,he invoked zeal to the members of JUI.He gave full stress on the unity of Ulamma ;he encouraged and formulated them. So a strong political party came into existence. In 2002 General Election he was selected a candidate on JUI ticket NA-42. He was warmly welcomed during the election, he was known well; due to his positive attitudes. His competition was with Maliks ,Khans and upper rank people of society: they spend million rupees and used the magic,however,he defeated them; due to his versatile personality. He got 12360 Votes and his defeater General Alam jan got 5027 votes. This was a historical success.

In National Assembly on the platform of MMAhe was selected FATA Parliamentary leader. He delivered very brilliant speeches on the problems of FATA.He clearly discussed the issues of FATA with President, Prime Minister and Governor.He stressed over them to solve the current issue on negotiation, rather than operation in FATA. His proposal was appreciated: so, he signed many contracts between Taliban and the Government’s that is why the Ex Governor Owaiss Ghani condemned his assassination. In 2005 he selected JUI(F) FATA Aamir.He brought dramatic changing in theJamiat Ulama of FATA.He managed different programmes on unity, solidarity, discipline and result oriented struggle for FATA Ulama and youths. In short, he formulated and reorganized JUI FATA.Mullana Fazul-ur –Redmantrusted him fully, he was his confidant. During Senate’s Election over his consistency, he was given the name of real and pious politician.indent:.The day of 19 May was the last day of his magnificent life. And was thinking for the uplift of Mahsud  He always conscious about the mahsud and was making  plan , how to redres the Mahsud from such quagmire. But Alas:

On 20 May ; after performing Fajar prayer at the Mosque he was coming back home, Two unidentified men opened indiscriminate fire on him, so , he expired on the spot. His martyred news spread like wiled fire Thousands of people were present for funeral. Senator Mullana Sharrani. MNA Mullana Atta-ur-Rehman and Senator  Ghafoor Haidri were present. He was the hero of Mahsud ,the nation deprived from a sincere leader; such a leader born once in a year. May ALL AH Bless his soul ,Amen   by saifullah saifi Mahsood Ex JTI president  and DEPUTY GENERAL SECRETARY JUI DIK