Pakistan came into being in 1947,After continuous hard working : day and night struggle, almost 100000 people have martyred , including 25000 Ulama: have secrefied their lives and they stood side by side with ,Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In the begining , a lot of problems have arised, but the leaders and the Ulama solved all these problems with patience and courages.
At that timeAllama Shabir Ahmad Usmani was a great scholar of 20th centurie.He was very pious and gentle person.He worked day and night , to bring the Ulama and other religious leaders on the platform ofJUI ,SO, he Achieved  his mission :and he brought all the Religious personalities on one plateform of .Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam
Allama Shabir Ahmad Usmani was in favor of the separation , of indo Pakistan.Mufti Muhammad Shafi , Mullana Akhtasham-Ul-Haq Tahnvi , and Mullana Zafar Usmani were his friends and they stood side by side with him on the platform of JUI. From that very time JUI became very strong and familiar party Due to his struggle for the independence of Pakistan , the honour of flag was given to him; for so, he raised the flag on East Pakistan and; on west Pakistan..Allama Ahmad Usmani played very important role in objective resolution in 1940.

Jama'at Ulema-i-Hind
(Madani group) was fonded;in 1919 , some great personalities were its members. Allama Shabir Ahmad Usmani was also its member for a short time.Allama Syed M Anwer , Shah Kashmiri , Hazrt Mullana Habibu - Rehman ,Mullana Ahmad Ali Lahori . Abdul Haq Madni and Abdullah Naqsh Bandi , played very positive role : to speed up the role of Ulama in politics because it was dire need of that time.When shabir Ahmad Usmani was died , the activities of Ulama became cold because they were divided into different groups. At that time

Mullana Mufti Mehmood became very cautious and was thinking how to bring the Ulama on one plate form.He played positive role for the Muslims of Pakistan : and to save Pakistan from secular state. Therefore, he called the meeting of Ulama in 1956 in Multan, it was given the name of Ulama Convention. He stressed the Ulama for positive Politics in Pakistan .At that time those Ulama were present : who were not in favor of the division on Indo Pakistan they were not given positive attitude in the society (1947 -1956), but Mullana Mufti Mehmood was the man who abolished all this differences.In this convention they gave asseret to restore and to expedite the role of Ulama in the Politics of Pakistan.

In 1956 Mullana Ahmad Ali Lahori ,was selected the first Amir of>Jamiat Ulema-e-IslamMullana Ghoos Hazarwi was selected general secrtary (Nazimi Amomi) , and Mullana Mufti Mehmood selected central Naib Amir . From that very time the JUI became very strong; and markable party in Pakistan.Under the ages of JUI ON June 28, 29. and 30 in 1957 a Jehad confrence was held. In this confrence they announced th election manifesto At the time of election Mullana Ahmad Ali Lahori , MullanaGhoos Hazarvi and Mullana Muhammad Ali Jalan Dri addressed the public meetings and they got the sympothy of the common peple.On Februry 23 1962 Mullana Ahmad Ali Lahori was died.


After the death of Mullana Muhammad Ali Lahori , Mullana Abdullah Darkhwasti becabe the Amir of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. He was very expert in Hadith He had learnt by heart almost 3000 Hadith.He also addressed many public meetings in 1974.He also took part against Qadyani in 1974. Mullana Mufti Mehmood and Mullana Ghoos Hazarvi worked hard at that time and they prepared the Ulama for general election in 1970, they succeeded from NWFP and Balochistan. In this election JUI became third biggest party in Pakistan .From Taxilla , Rawalpindi Mullana Dawood from Jehlam Mullana Abdullah Teef , Sargodaha, Qari Abdu Samigh , Kalar Koot Hafiz Sira Judden, Gujran Walla Mufti AAbdul Wahid, from Lahore Mullana Ubidullah , Allama Khali succssedded .From that dramatc changing , the situation came under the control of Ulama: till 1976 the public were not in favor of Bhtoo. At that time the public were not ready to impose Bhtoosimon theme. So, they stood side by side with Ulama.